The biography of Les Marshak's extraordinary voiceover and announcer career!  His unique voice is instantly recognizable to millions.

As one of the leading Broadcast Network Announcers and Voice Over Artists, Les Marshak has had success in so many diverse areas in his field.  His voice is truly unique and instantly recognizable to millions.

Les began an affiliation with NBC three decades ago. He is currently the voice introducing The Today Show each morning. He is the announcer for The Chris Matthews Show, syndicated nationally by NBC Universal. For over 20 years, Les was the principal promo and program announcer for major NBC Sports Programming, including Wimbledon, The French Open and Major League Baseball’s Game of the Week.

From the early 80’s to the present, Les Marshak’s most celebrated on-air work has been as live, on-site broadcast announcer for many of the leading Award Shows including: three Oscar Telecasts, 20 years as the Voice of Broadway’s Tony Awards, as well as the Prime Time Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Les has introduced Presidents each year at the Annual Ford’s Theatre Gala Celebration in Washington, D.C. Every year he announces two live PBS Holiday Specials: The Annual National Memorial Day Concert and A Capital Fourth.

Les has voiced thousands of commercials and promotional spots; most notably as the Voice of Macy’s for nearly twenty years. He does frequent voice over work for many Broadway Show Commercials.

Les grew up in the Bronx and was introduced to the piano at an early age. His teacher encouraged him to pursue music. He was accepted to the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan. But his music interests began to play second fiddle to his other passions: attending live radio and TV broadcasts, doing volunteer radio work at the V.A. Hospitals’ closed-circuit radio stations, and being a full time New York Yankee fan. Les would attend many games, spending half the time watching the action on the field, and then “sneaking” into the reserved section behind home plate to watch Mel Allen and the other broadcasters at their radio and tv mikes. One day, carrying his new 8mm Bell & Howell Camera, Les positioned himself outside the stadium at the Press Gate to wait until the players exited so he could film them. He let the camera roll and got close-ups of almost every major Yankee Star as they walked to their cars. On July 13, 2008, Les' nostalgic film was the centerpiece of a feature story on the legendary Yankee Stadium. It aired on WNBC Channel 4 in New York and was nominated for an Emmy.

Les Marshak’s career began while a student at Columbia University’s College of Pharmacy. He won the top prize at a Disk Jockey competition on New York’s powerhouse radio station, WABC. To read, and hear how it all began, go to

Later on, Les honed his radio talents on New York’s WRFM and WPIX-FM. While at “PIX”, Les was invited to Europe 1 in France as an ambassador of American Radio to guest on a live radio show in Paris on the night of the 1976 American Presidential Elections..

For many years, Les has been reading to the blind and disabled with weekly broadcasts originating at the In Touch Radio Networks and currently on Gatewave Radio. Les is on the Board of Directors of Variety, The Children's Charity.