Audio Montages

Audio clips and collections from Les Marshak's voiceover portfolio.  Listen to samples from his work in commercials, narrations, and live television broadcasts.


Audio Montages

There's nothing like working live. With awards shows, there's lots of rehearsals and one chance to put it all together for millions, and in the case of the Oscars, over a billion viewers. 

Commercials are a lot of fun to put together. The clip below contains a mixture of current, recent and some memorable "oldies". 

Narrations are "long-form"assignments that give me a chance to tell fascinating stories. I've selected some of the documentaries I recorded for the Discovery Channel and other Networks along with a few sales and marketing pieces. 

The NBC Peacock has been good to me. In addition to a couple of decades of Sports Promo work, I was especially proud to have voiced a spot for the final Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Every DJ dreamed of working at the legendary WABC during "radio days." That dream became reality for me in my 20's. And doing mornings for 6 years on WPIX-FM was a hoot and an "eye opener".

My TV Shows sampling includes a lot of variety here. From Political and News shows, to introducing the President, Miss America, and... of course... Night of 100 Stars and MORE.